Automated Distributor

Free, simplified and automated token and ETH/BNB/MATIC/FTM distributor on the blockchain. 20k addresses in 59 minutes, no jokes!
Available on testnet Ropsten (ETH) and mainnet Ethereum (ETH), Binance Smart chain (BNB), Polygon (Matic), FTM, and Harmony.ONE

Why Exsender?

Exsender is developed to save time and gas consumption on the blockchain. Token distribution has never been this simplified, sending token to thousands of addresses consume lots of gas and time.
Exsender automate this process by bundling hundreds of transfer in one single transaction. Just import or drop in addresses, send transaction, sit back, relax and watch.

How to use?

How do I use the Distributor?
Input the token contract address - the distributor will fetch the name, symbol, decimal of the token and your balance. This is to ensure that you're interacting with the right contract.
Input the amount of token you want to send. You can send
- the same amount of token by using the 'Unified option' or
- different amount by providing corresponding amount for each address.

You can put a comma separated addresses like below

0x0C3AB3Cb662DA997592cEB18D357a07Fc898cB2B, 0x2d213012e19f1433cb394ae6faba1c6a71ad1690, 0xc77b37e9a9061814d4e5d93f19c757966a4e6907, 0xa1a3773730349f1143eb03e35abfc39690f0d411

To import addresses, read about importing addresses below

Click on 'Send Transaction' - You will need to approve our contract to send token on your behalf. Please read about approval transaction below.
How to import addresses and or amount from file?
The distributor accept Excel and JSON file format. The column containing the addresses must be named address or addresses while the amount column must be amount or amounts.

Excel sample

Excel file sample

JSON sample

JSON file sample

Click on 'Import data' to select the file containing the data, the field for addresses will be populated with the addresses in the file. The 'amount of token' will be populated if 'Split amount' is the selected option.
What is the maximum number of addresses?
You can input unlimited amount of addresses. The distributor will automatically chunk the addresses into batches based on the 'transfer per transaction' you have selected.
The distributor will wait for confirmation of each transaction before sending the next batch if available.
Lets assume that you have 10000 addresses and 'transfer per transaction' is 150 then you'll have approximately 67 (10000/150) transactions.
What is 'transfer per transaction'?
This is the number of tranfer in a single transaction. The default is 180 and you might need to reduce it if your transaction keep failing due to congestion on the network.
What is the 'approval transaction'?
Approval transaction is the transaction that grant our smart contract the permission to spend some amount of your token. After granting the permission, our smart contract can only spend if you initiate the transaction. You can read more about it.

By default, we requested approval to spend up to your total balance so you wouldn't have to approve again.
Do I need to approve before every transaction?
No. You only need to approve once.

By default, we requested approval to spend up to your total balance so you wouldn't have to approve again.
Why is my transaction keep failing?
If you experience this, please consider reducing the 'transfer per transaction'. Try 150 or 175
How to retry a failed transaction?
If your transaction fail, click on 'retry' button within the monitor container. The transaction will continue from where it stopped last time.
Why is my balance showing zero?
Please double check that you're connected to the intended network.
Metamask is very slow, what can I do?
Please note: This should not reset your account
You should reset Metamask transaction history. We have tried this several times and it works.
To reset, open Metamask -> Settings -> Advance -> Reset Account.